The firm excels in handling all aspects of commercial real estate matters, including acquisition, sale, financing, development, zoning, leasing and construction.

LRW is considered one of the top real estate firms in East Tennessee and our attorneys have assisted in the development of commercial projects throughout the Southeast. These developments include shopping centers, offices, residential subdivisions, condominiums, resorts, retirement communities and hotels.

Increasingly popular is the use of conservation easements to shelter property from future adverse development and to reward those making such commitments through tax credits. Long, Ragsdale & Waters attorneys, particularly David Wilson Long, are at the forefront of this area.

J. Randolph Miller is an issuing agent for several title companies, and the firm handles all aspects of title policies. LRW’s litigation professionals also handle claims made by lenders and owners against title policies.

All of our attorneys practice real estate law in some form.

Attorneys in this practice area:
David Wilson Long Dennis B. Ragsdale John B. Waters III J. Michael Ivens C. Paul Harrison J. Randolph Miller Garrett P. Swartwood Jennifer Milligan Swindle Lee A. Popkin W. Michael Baisley Taylor D. Forrester Kyle A. Baisley Alexander O. Waters Oliver D. Adams Christopher A. Hall Mycol E. Scott