I am the head of a 92-year-old family real estate business. A number of years ago I was asked by a good friend and sometime business partner to use John Waters in a big box lease and development transaction. My friend said that even though John was two states away, he was the best real estate attorney anywhere. After the development was complete, the big box retailer’s attorney told me that John was the best attorney on the other side that he has ever worked with; he informed me that my attorney was able to get more favorable treatment from the retailer, primarily because John knew what to ask, and just as importantly, knew what not to ask. While John’s strength is his experience with national retailers, he is just as good as a “first-time” attorney with new clients. He also has a very good dry sense of humor.

Patrick Byrne IIValparaiso Realty Company

I have experience developing commercial real estate all across the country, and I have learned one lesson the hard way: you need a good lawyer to draft and review your documents. I have great confidence that the deal has been correctly stated and any errors or traps for the unwary have been detected if John Waters is involved in the deal. He and the other attorneys at LRW are the best.

Marc SmithTrinity Development Inc.

I have been working with the attorneys at LRW for over 25 years. I have worked with David Long and Dennis Ragsdale, and John Waters has been my primary counsel since 1998. Some of my transactions have been large enough to require the participation of nearly all of the LRW attorneys. These people are deal closers. LRW has closed dozens of transactions with me, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. I can rely on John Waters and LRW for technical expertise, business savvy and moral support.  I am a real estate developer, and these guys are the best real estate development attorneys out there.

Miles E. “Budd” Cullom, Jr.CHM Development, LLC

Viking Tactics built its reputation based on military and law enforcement training, and we also run an Internet-based sales operation with suppliers and customers all over the world. John Waters is our general counsel, and he and the other attorneys at LRW quickly and effectively help us resolve any legal issues. This includes license agreements, employee matters, entity formation, document drafting and a myriad of other needs. LRW is always ready, willing and able to help us navigate those treacherous waters.

Kyle LambViking Tactics

The three principals of CHM have been working with John Waters and LRW for decades. Our core business is retail development of neighborhood, grocery-anchored and regional shopping centers, primarily in the Southeast. Our firm relies heavily on John’s experience and expertise, and he is considered a crucial member of our development team. John not only negotiates our contracts, leases and loan documents but he also plays an important role in evaluating and titling the real estate. He is responsive, efficient and cost effective. John is able to discern and anticipate problems/pitfalls so they can be dealt with effectively on the front end. We have trusted and relied on John’s talents in some very complex and challenging transactions. His diligence and determined attitude are important attributes that help keep closings on schedule and without surprises.

CHM Development